Obed Sindy

President ISOC Haiti Chapter

Obed Sindy has been recognized as one of Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awardee 2019 by Junior Chamber International (JCI), an ICANN 66 selected Fellow, and an Internet Society IoT and Public Policy Fellow 2019. He is a Youth IGF Fellows 2017 of the Internet Society and he has attended IGF 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is the President of the Internet Society Haiti Chapter and co-founder of Digital Grassroots, which works to proactively engage youth in addressing Internet-related issues in their communities through digital literacy, networking, and activism. Elected to the council of the Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO), he takes his seat in October 2020 for a two-year term.

Obed Sindy is the coordinator of Haiti National Forum on Internet Governance 2018, 2019, and 2020 to foster an inclusive, multistakeholder debate on Internet governance within Haiti. Over 300 participants engaged in this annual dialogue in 2018 and over 400 participants in 2019.

He is a certified Internet Society expert moderator on Internet Governance and has received professional certifications (Level 1 & 2) on ICT for teaching and learning from Université de Cergy Pontoise / France.

Certified in parliamentarism at Laval University, He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the Adventist University of Haiti and he is a Master Candidate in Public Communication & Lobbying at Madison International & Business School.

He is also a member of Just Net Coalition, Keep It On, the Internet Society, NPOC ICANN, At Large ICANN, and Cercle de Communicants et Journalistes Francophones.

10:15: Workshop

SNEI Plateau Central SNEI 2021 - Programmation

Internet, Enjeux et Gouvernance

  1. Intro à l’infrastructure de l’Internet en Haiti,
  2. école Haïtienne sur la Gouvernance de l’Internet
  3. Réseaux communautaires